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Celebrity Go-Cart Race Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the top tourist destinations that thousands flock to each year for vacations, marriage, and fun and entertainment. While we know of the strippers, and great night life, there are few other things that people are often associated with Las Vegas that make it to the news. However, there is some exciting news for those who love Las Vegas and plan on being in the area especially if you’re a fan of the infamous Chippendale dancers. Most are familiar with these attractive dancers for the many shows they put on in the clubs around the Vegas strip. What some aren’t aware of is, every year the annual charity event they host in order to give back to the community.


Mike Hammer Celebrity Go-Cart Race


To give back to those who’re less fortunate than others in the community, these Chippendale dancers participate in a go cart event that helps to raise funds for those who are in need within the community. Those who attend the event are able to meet the dancers as well as watch the fun filled event with these hunks. These services are going to not just help those in need, but more specifically those who’re homeless because it helps provides basic needs, but it’s bringing awareness of an ongoing crisis. The event itself is free, but if you care to make a donation you won’t be disappointed with some of the perks that come with it. For those who plan to help by donating and giving back here are some things you can expect to experience:

  • With a twenty-five-dollar donation you’ll earn the right to get ten laps in a go cart.
  • Those who donate at least one-hundred-dollars or more will be allowed to race with a Chippendale dancer.
  • Anyone who brings a canned good product with them will be given a free pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.

There will be a lot of recognizable faces that attend this annual event including a few celebrities, magicians and more that you can expect to see help raising funds for such a great cause. Those who choose to donate at least a hundred-dollars or more will not only be able to ride in a go cart with a celebrity, but you’ll be given access to the run way in which these celebrities will be posing and allowing those who qualify to take pictures. Naturally, this is a great way to add an incentive for people to not just come out and support these great celebrities, but help spread awareness and become of a solution for a great cause.


When and Where


If you’re one of the many that plan on coming out to this great event, then you’ll just have to show up on October 16th, between the hours of 12:30PM and 3:00PM. The red carpet event that allows you access to celebrity photo shoots will start at 12:30PM and will be followed by the actual event which will run from 1:00PM to 3:00PM. Sunset Road in Las Vegas will be the actual location of the event and those who’re wanting more information are free to visit their website or call the local number listed to find out how they can be a part of such a great thing.


About the cause


The cause that awareness is being spread for is called Serving Hope LV. This organization is built on the fundamentals that if we do something great enough for others and pay it forward in a big enough way, we can inspire others to do the same which could ultimately make for a better way of living for ourselves and other people. This company works independently of any other organization and every Monday night comes out to serve hundreds upon hundreds of people in need that are categorized as:


  • Homeless
  • No jobs
  • Working multiple jobs but unable to provide for their families
  • Or anyone in need in general.

They provide a home cooked meal for these along with gently used clothes that are donated from those who volunteer, and basic hygiene products that can make the lives better of those that are going without. Their so much different than a food shelter as it’s all done outside. These people are getting more than food as the organization has also helped with things such as aiding in acquiring birth certificates, ID’s and so much more. The idea is to get them out of the conditions they’re in and help them to better their lives so they won’t need these types of services anymore. There are just so many opportunities to give back to the community and when you visit their website you can sign up as a volunteer and help this great cause out both every day and every year at this annual go cart event.