New and Upcoming in Las Vegas

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The one thing I think everyone can agree on is that in the world of entertainment, Las Vegas is constantly in a world of changing. Between great shows, celebrities, and all the great sites to visit. Each year brings the promise of new and exciting things and this year won’t be any different. 2016 has a lot of great promise for the busy state of Las Vegas with the immersion of new and upcoming nightclubs, hotels, and the removal of some casinos. With all these new and exciting happenings what more could we possibly look forward too now?


New and Upcoming in Las Vegas


While Las Vegas already has three arenas’ already, there are plans of the final touches being added on the newest arena that has been under constructed for a little while now. In fact, it’s already been booked up with a few singers and celebrities already upon opening as well as a popular UFC fight. They have it placed in a great location in which it’s bound to attract a huge number of tourists and locals with the prime location it’s been placed in.


The Monte Carlo likewise has been busy making plans to bring in a larger crowd as well. This concert venue is being constructed in replacement of the former Blue Man Group that used to be housed there and has since been moved to the Luxor nearby. While it plans to host numerous singers, it has yet to be given a name or have booked anyone specifically yet. While we’re saying hello to so many new places and things occurring in Las Vegas, we’ll unfortunately be saying goodbye to a few as well. The Riviera is one such place that we’ll be saying goodbye too. Sources have confirmed that it’ll be torn down in order to make room for expansions for the convention center.


Likewise, the Tryst is another place we’ll be saying goodbye too. While The Riviera is being torn down the Tryst actually will not be, but instead will be replaced with a few upgrades and a name change. Although they’ll be keeping a few things such as the waterfall and a few other features. Remember Resorts World? Back in 2007 it was started up and eventually came to a screeching halt when funds out and the project was dropped. However, new ownership has since taken over the project and finishing off the building project. Budweiser has huge plans to open their own park in which they’ll be serving over 100 different types of beer alongside of a vast sized outdoor grill to prepare orders on like steak and burgers.


Many other places along the strip are also either undergoing expansions and renovations if not outright removal. 2016 will definitely be by far an interesting year for those who live in Las Vegas or plan on taking a vacation. Some of the best things about this news is that it means there is more things for people to do now. While Las Vegas already has a lot to offer the general public, many of these changes will draw in larger crowds which can really boost revenue and offer new things for the locals as well.


Vegas Opportunities


While the rise of new casino’s, hotels and shows mean the rise in tourists for Las Vegas, it also means great things for the locals. With so many opening places it will bring many job opportunities to locals. With all of these openings mean job opportunities for all in Vegas as well as more reasons for tourists alike to visit the great state. The boom in their state means that visitors and locals alike can continue to expect new and great things as well as have new and refreshing fun. Las Vegas continues to surprise and excite those near and far with each passing year as it continues to add new sites and things to do. Even famous celebrities such as Prince Harry himself have traveled from his home country to get in on the partying action when he made a visit to Las Vegas.


While Vegas has always been known for the partying and the night life it has to offer, one specific convention has opened up new possibilities. One such is the slot machine convention is one of the biggest conventions that are bringing with them, new types of slot machines for one of the many casino’s. With new technological advances, this brings new and exciting advances of the slot machines. The endless changes that seem to constantly be happening in Las Vegas are providing a little bit of fun for just about everyone. With the many changes in Las Vegas for the year of 2016, we should continue to see just as many if not more in the following years. Some of the many changes are due too complete within the next few years. For more information, just keep your eyes out and stay tuned to find out more. Booking agents can help to better assist in finding great deals and prices on things like rental services, hotels, shows and much more.

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